Banana Pancakes

Well, first things first, let’s get straight to it – how much did I lose this week?

Drumroll please…

2 pounds!

Yay me! I will say that I was secretly hoping to lose just a little bit more, but after I posted yesterday I had one of those afternoons where my stomach was magically transformed into a bottomless pit that I just kept throwing pita chips into. Most days I have a pretty good handle on not throwing extra junk down my gullet like a rogue seagull, but after lunch yesterday I just could not get full. I ended up eating two pieces of string cheese, a bunch of pita chips, some Town House crackers, and gummy sharks. Ohhh the gummy sharks.

By the time I left work I only had one WW point left and no idea what to eat for dinner. A bowl of broccoli?

But first, I went and had a drink with a friend of mine who I should really see more of! We caught up at one of my fave bars in the city, Local Edition, and had a nice chat about life, career goals, boys, driving manual transmissions, and more. Always nice to kick off a Friday with a nice drink and a good catch up session, and I stopped myself at one drink which was great.

Then I popped over to Whole Foods in the Haight Ashbury neighborhood to do my grocery shopping for the week. Normally I’d just go to Safeway or order online from them, but I needed some hippie food so off to Whole Foods I went. Do you ever go grocery shopping or run some longer errand and realize right at the start that you have to PEE SO BADLY??? That was me last night, I was racing through the aisles trying to finish up so I could go home and pee…

I have to say, grocery shopping at 7:30 or 8 on a Friday is the way to do it. There was no one there – actually, the entire neighborhood was eerily quiet because of Outside Lands, the big music festival that gets held in Golden Gate Park every August. So, while everyone else was off having fun at their festival, I was reaping the benefit of an empty grocery store. Result!

The only thing bad about shopping at Whole Foods (besides the prices and temptation to buy weird shit like giant tubs of tahini) is the hot food bar. Most of it is really not that good, but their mac n cheese is soooo tasty. I hadn’t had dinner yet as I mentioned and couldn’t resist getting a little tub of it. I got home around 9:30, put the groceries away, and gorged on cheesy, creamy salt Mac n Cheese, which was another little slip up, but kinda worth it if we’re being honest here.

After my weigh-in today I treated myself by making a new recipe I found this week, vegan banana oatmeal pancakes! I found the recipe on a blog called Colourful Palate, and couldn’t believe how nicely they turned out! You can find the recipe here, and here’s a pic of my end result:


I can’t believe how fluffy and yummy they were, and they couldn’t have been any easier to make. All the ingredients go into the blender and you have pancake batter in no time! Such a nice Saturday treat, and one that I’ll make again for Sunday breakfast too 🙂 Hey, have to use up those bananas!

The rest of the weekend should be pretty low key. As I mentioned earlier the weather has been not so nice, and I’m planning to just chill and read for most of it. At some point today I’ll have to talk myself into some pilates, and I do need to clean up a bit.

Tomorrow I’ll be making all my food for the week – an Asian-inspired pasta for lunches and a bell pepper, lentil and brown rice casserole for dinners. Sooo yum. If all my vegeterian and vegan recipes keep turning out this good, I won’t miss the meat at all!



One thought on “Banana Pancakes

  1. Lauren says:

    Yum, those panacakes look awesome! I will have to give them a try…

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